A Taste Story

Kalbur Et's guests know very well that the taste and happiness that linger on the palate are not a coincidence. While we may not disclose all the secrets we have acquired through years of experience, we would love to share the aspects we have never compromised on.

When presenting our products and services, we always sift through our experience, knowledge, and ingredients to offer only the finest selections.

Whether big or small, we only collaborate with the best food supporters, ensuring that we are always equipped with the finest and freshest ingredients. Each product has its own source; for instance, we get white cheese from Ezine, curly lamb from Thrace, and pastirma from Kayseri, to name a few.

Is acquiring the most natural and fresh ingredients enough? Equally crucial is the skillful hands of the talented artisans who bring these special flavors to life. Our masters are always with us on this journey.

What sets us apart at Kalbur Et is delivering these unique flavors with meticulous presentation, making us even more indispensable.

Our meat and kebab varieties, which are the indispensable flavors of Turkish cuisine, along with our regional breakfast spread on weekends, and the famous goose dish from Kars Ardahan region, served in its season, have become favorites among our loyal customers.

We host your meals with family and friends, organize special occasions, and cater to business meetings with delicious meals, all accompanied by pleasant conversations.

Above all, we are passionate about our work and put in efforts every day to show our guests that this taste is no coincidence.

Metin Akdemir
Founder of Kalbur Et
Special for you
Business meals, birthday celebrations, or romantic moments... Kalbur Et is an ideal meeting point for different concept taste experiences.