Gourmet Delicacies
Kalbur Meat Kebab
It's another special taste at Kalbur Et. Thinly sliced lamb backstrap is wrapped around armor minced meat. It's served with 'keşkeş' onion. It offers the chance to enjoy both chunk meat and minced meat together, and it's quite popular.
Kalbur Rolled Kebab
It's a completely unique taste of Kalbur Et. It's prepared by combining special ingredients like Kars aged cheese aged for at least 2 years, Kayseri pastirma, and Antep pistachios. Armor minced meat is blended with these ingredients and spices. It's skewered, wrapped with thinly sliced kulbastı meat, and the result is Kalbur Et's speciality, Kalbur Burma Kebap.
"Karski" is a highly delicate taste prepared using the back meat of gum male lambs from the Keşan region in Thrace. Its delicacy comes from the meticulous processing and cooking techniques. Our chefs handle Karski with care and cook it over medium charcoal heat, using its own fat. Those who visit Kalbur Et can't miss trying Karski.
Kars Goose
This dish, which is of great importance to the people of Kars and Ardahan, requires a lot of effort. It's made from geese that are raised naturally in the villages of Kars, allowed to roam and graze. At Kalbur Et, it's cooked entirely traditionally and served with bulgur pilaf cooked in its broth.
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